Monday, December 8, 2008


It's been far too long. My school term is done until January 5th and I'm at my final week at the hospital. My Christmas shopping is three-quarters done. What does this all mean? It means relaxation is in sight!
Also, I recently had my birthday on December 5th and received such wonderful and pretty things. I got a wiksten made top from my boyfriend (I had to pick it out though... he has no clue) and some other pretty things from aritzia. I also received this dace top, which is coming in the mail and I am so excited for! I also found (and purchased) a pair of shoes from sam edelman. So cute.
I have so many winterish pictures. The snow has been falling in Waterloo, but Toronto remains semi-snow-free in comparison.
Jay enjoying a walk in the park with yours truly. I love his new modern amusement coat that I made him buy.

J. Crew dress I received for my birthday. I'm usually not a fan of turtlenecks on shirts, but this is just oh-so-cozy.

Me in my wiksten made top, which I love to death. The pictures don't do it justice at all... the pictures don't do justice to my adorable puppy either.

That's all the photos for now. I haven't really been out much since school has been sucking the life force out of me.
I am incredibly excited to start relaxing. I have a book I want to finish reading by Steven Pinker. I have some new DS games I want to play (yes, I'm a huge nerd. It's such a great little system to have to kill time, I love professor layton and the curious village!) and I want to start to plan decorating for Jay's new loft. Yes, Jay and I are moving in together-- scary! Living with a boy!? Help! Luckily we have somewhat similar tastes in decor.