Sunday, August 31, 2008


exists, still!
I will post something soon.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

> oh, the humanity.

Okay, I'm back, again, from the cottage.
Yesterday night we had a bit of a storm. The power went out for about an hour and a half and when the lights came back on, it was an utterly dark moment. I look to my closet and water. Inches of dirty water creeping from under my closet and seeping into the carpet. A familiar smell of urine.
So, I have been advised to throw out the majority of my shoe collection (see above) as they've had an unhealthy bath in... sewage water.
I've spent my day taking pictures of/mourning all my shoes, soaked in a good vile of nasty.
I guess this means shoe shopping.

Speaking of shopping, that's what I did yesterday. I went to Vaughan Mall and hit up BCBG, Aritzia, and (my favourite) Holt Renfrew: Last Call. All on sale.
Here are my purchases:
A cute dress from BCBG. It's oh-so soft and comfy to just toss on.

A top, a little sheer, from Aritzia.

And the two items from Holts:
MaxMara Weekend vest, which doesn't look like anything amazing, but it feels great and looks killer over a white tee and dark jeans. It's a perfect length too, for my body.

Lastly, Marc Jacobs rubber flats. They were 20 dollars so I Couldn't pass them up. Perfect to wear when it's rainy-- of if there are puddles in your room.

I tried many things on at Holts: a Theory blouse, a Marni Skirt, an APC button down. I cried when none fit me... too big or odd fitting. The catch and release (not the hunt and kill) is the hardest part about shopping, especially when it's a 300 dollar blouse, or a 500 dollar skirt, or a 180 dollar shirt all of which are insanely marked down, all of which do not fit.
Dispite this, I do believe in shopping karma.