Tuesday, July 29, 2008

> spell for a weak heart

Found! My old McDonalds Toys!

I almost didn't get dressed today. Almost. But I did (see photos).
It's been a busy time. I've been working on research all day since I'm behind in hours. Focusing is hard when there's nothing to do. You know when you have so much to do that you want to get something done? Well, I don't really have anything to do. The research is all I have, and if the research is done... then what? I'm procrastinating for the purpose of sanity.

Onto clothing. You'll notice I like jeans and looking non-fussy. This proves to be difficult come the adult world. Actually, that's perhaps the reason why I've postponed adulthood and decided to do more school. Sadly, my masters will be done this time next year, which means I need to start integrating more work-friendly clothes into my wardrobe. On American Apparel they have this nice blue oxford button down I'm ogling. I figure I could dress it up for work and dress it down with black skinnies for a night out. Ive also got my eyes on this Steven Alan reverse seam shirt. Tres cute. However, shirts are easy for me. It's the damn pants. I have yet to find a pair of decent fitting, plain pants (will take suggestions). My internships are carried out in a hospital setting, meaning no jeans and I have to look semi-professional/like I know what I'm doing. People trust their children's minds with me. Keep in mind, therapists aren't exactly the most fashion-forward group of professionals. I once wore a pair of black skinny jeans, a steve alan grey shirt and a pair of black pumps to work. When I got to the work, I felt very overdressed and very--- fashiony. Fashion as a deficit.
Oh, how I wish I could wear you to work without looking like a total douche.
I must confess something. I hate summer and I hate summer clothes. I miss winter and fall. I love long sleeves, pants and cable tights. All that aside, here's what I wore out today. Although it was a hot day, I live by the lake so it can be cool, thus the cardigan. Which happens to be one of my favourite cardigans that I found on e-bay for $10 (Pringle of Scotland for $10!).
Cardigan: Pringle of Scotland
White Tank: Aritzia
Belt: Abercrombie (note: buy more belts)
Shorts: Gap
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell
Shopping Bag: Virgo bio bag
Dog: Baxter

Last note, and completely random one, this is how I organize my thoughts and wants. I rip out things from magazines for ideas or for future reference (the boyfriend likes to consult these papers when important dates are creeping up on him) and I shove them into this little notebook. Somewhere down the line these ripped papers are cut neatly and pasted into the book with little notes beside them.

That all being said... stay cool.


S said...

Umm your cardigan is to die for and I already know that I am now going to obsessively go and try to find the same one at whatever cost. Seriously, seriously amazing find - and for $10?!?! AWESOME. Great outfit in total actually.

I agree, I am kind of totally ready for summer to be over. I like the way warm weather feels...I am very sick of the way it looks though.

I loved your comment about the aspirational robot models...my boyfriend and I were discussing that so your comment kind of blew me away! And I will DEFINITELY read Flesh Machine. A) Because you read Austen Burroughs and therefore have literary tastae and B) I am obsessed with the notion of cyborgs and AI - strangely enough, philosophy of sci & tech is my major.

Anyways I have left you the longest comment in the history of Blogger, ever.


Ashleigh said...

yessss...I do the same thing (in regards to the notebook)....in regards to the weather...well all I feel like we've been getting is rain...which is really bad fo rthe trees in my yard (3 of them already ripped right out of the ground :s...and $1,000 to remove them )so im ready for the fall =) ...congrats to finishing up the Masters...

S said...

There's a crepe place at Yonge & Yorkville Ave. (I think it's Yorkville...basically it's 1-2 blocks above Yonge
& Bloor) run by a French mother and daughter...it's called Crepes A Go Go and their Big Ben is the most delicious crepe I have even eaten in my life. Their coffee is also extraordinarily delicious. I indulge myself frequently there :)

I don't know if UO has everything in stores yet but I'll be checking in probably this afternoon on my lunch break and let you know :)

Thanks for the lovely comments, as always. You are AWESOME!