Tuesday, October 14, 2008

> bananas, son

Like some of my Canadian blogger ladies, I was also sent free stuff from Matchstick: the Harajuku lovers perfumes.
I wasn't going to do it. As much as I love free stuff, I'm also very wary and cautious. Who gives stuff away?
Anyway, they sent me a ton of stuff. I've been giving all the samples to my friends, my boyfriends twin-sisters who are far more popular than I am and probably have friends that are more likely to purchase the product.
Onto the scents. I'm very picky when it comes to perfume. I have my winter smell (Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb) and my Rest-of-the-time smell (L'occitane Le Vert). I like ot think I have a sensitive nose.
I thought the one I'd like the most would be G, but alas it is not. Smells like coconut. If you like food-smells, it may be for you. I hate food smells: vanilla, chocolate, any fruit.... not for me.
Music was alright, but it didn't wow me. It reminded me of my senior-elementary school days when I'd wear "gap" perfume or "mood" perfume. I could see my little cousin really liking it.
Angel smelled bad in the bottle, but on a person it actually smelt not so bad. A little bit like food (see above comment), but it was not too bad!
Baby smelled like, well, baby powder. It's a matter of taste liking that smell.
My favourite was Love. I smells good in the bottle, but on my wrist it smelled wonderful. A basic smell and versatile.
Of course, all this said, smell is a personal thing. What one likes another may not. And you know what, these perfume bottles are cute to boot so even if you don't like any of the smells, they will look simply dahling on your vanity!


Ashleigh said...

Got it too....Liked baby the best but thats because I like powdery smells...Love was actually my least fave!

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