Tuesday, September 9, 2008

> once you pop you can't stop.

I love Pringle of Scotland so much.
Look at the gorgeous ensembles and pieces from Pringle 1815.
How cute is that beige skirt? and that black babydoll top?

Even the pieces of the fellas are nice.

Me likey.


meghan said...

i just clicked over to your blog and i am loving it! thanks for reading mine. i'm adding you to my google feed and am looking forward to more of your writing.

S said...

AH total cuteness, I particularly love the little peacoats and the mens stuff. You have superb taste dahhhling :)

IRIS and PIETER said...

This is so lovely! it gives me an autumn fealing! so great. and the colours are perfect! the dress with the yellow and brownish is amazing! and i see philippa bywater hihi!