Monday, September 8, 2008

> when good fashion happens to bad people.

People never like the antagonist. I always do, but perhaps that the therapist in me. I imagine the tormented life that, I hypothesize, they must have had. I imagine their motives that no one understands that seems so just in their own mind. I imagine the motivation and immense dedication it takes.
Don't get me wrong, I don't commend evil acts of violence against another; but I do like the 'bad guy'. Perhaps I'm really just superficial and what I like about the evil-doer is their style. It is so carefully planned out. I do believe that the antagonist is the most fashion conscious.

Exhibit A: Paul & Peter (Funny Games, 1997)

Sadly these were the best images of Funny Games (1997 Austrian Version) that I could find. It was important to have the original version over the U.S version. Paul's outfit is much better in this version. He wears the shorter shorts and long sleeve polo. Both evil-boy-o's decked out in all white tops, gloves, and shoes (converse low-tops) they look just grand. Such professionalism but still looking cool.

Exhibit B: The Joker

Very Etro, no? Very Grunge. Very--- amazing. I had a hard time deciding which Joker I liked better because I really do like the plaid pants on Jack Nicholson as the Joker. However, I opted for the updated joker because it's a little more wearable. I love the vest being army green.
No kidding around about his fashion here (lame, I know).

Exhibit C: Cruella De Vil

I don't condone the wearing of fur, but damn. Cruella was ahead of her time. French chic, black cat suit with a plunging neckline, the red gloves (probably leather), and always in heels. You got to give the woman credit: she looked good while being so evil.

Exhibit D: Jack Torrence

The whole wardrobe of this film is brilliant, but Jack really captures my style. Flannel, jeans, and a bomber. So simple, yet so cool. Could you imagine this on someone 20 years (compared to the photo age) younger? Stylin'.

Exhibit E: The Heathers

I don't think there's any explanation needed here. Just look at them!

I'm sure there are many others that are stylin' while going on with their bad self.
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Runaway Gallery said...

agreed. heath ledger's costumes in the dark knight were brilliant

S said...

Awesome post! The Dark Knight was SOOO good and I totally agree on The Joker-etro reference. Keep up the excellent work!