Sunday, September 7, 2008

> with in the band.

A wonderful weekend.
I have this group of close friends. We call our selves SLANG (long story).
One had been living away in Scotland for a year, the other just came back from South Africa saving the elephants, another is at med school so we rarely see her, and the last friend lives in Michigan and came up for the weekend. Needless to say, it's rare when all of Slang is together.
We had a wonderful time playing rock band (how fun is that!?) and drinking... then eventually turning rock band into a drinking game.
When it came my turn to sing, the song was Weezer - Say it Ain't So. Remember that song? So nostalgic.

Okay, all that aside. Have people been watching the "stars" at the TIFF. Keira Knightley looked absolutely darling at the conference for The Dutchess.

What a cute skirt, right?
Also, check out SessĂșn's fall line. Too cute for words. I have my eye on the grey belle skirt.
Here are some of my favourite looks from this collection:

Oh Joy! I'm so excited for fall!


Runaway Gallery said...

love the second look

S said...

ahhh LOVE Say It Aint So. I was such a huge Weezer fan for so long, and that totally brings me back :)
Awesome looks at the bottom there, and that sounds like a great night :)

Caroline said...

thank you for such a nice comment! glad you like the blog. all of these looks are brilliant, by the way.